An offer to MYO, CYO and LYO

On August 31, Expressen reported that the Moderate Youth Organization had decided to work for the abolishing of the law prohibiting the purchase of sexual services and that the purchasing of sex should be legalized. As a reaction to this, on Monday 31/8 RealStars decided to send out the following email to the representatives of the Moderate Youth Organization, the Centre Party Youth organization and the Liberal party Youth Organization (the latter two have, at previous congresses, also decided to work to ensure that the purchasing of sex should be legalized).

“Hello dear MYO (cc:ed are also CYO and LYO)

In light of the decision you made during your union meeting this weekend, and which CYO and LYO already have taken, we at RealStars want to offer you a free lecture about trafficking, sex slavery, prostitution and Fair Sex – sex on equal terms with mutual respect in all situations.

We would enjoy visiting you and let you why we are working for the Swedish law prohibiting the purchase of sexual services and how it contributes to reduce the slavery of our time – sex trafficking, which is a billion dollar industry.

RealStars is working on a broad front by including and engage youths around Sweden. During our visits at schools we lecture and hold creative workshops. On the visits, students get to discuss and reflect on prostitution, sex trafficking and its opposite – Fair Sex – sex on equal terms, and what that implies in reality. Really, how are our and society’s attitudes about sex, gender and abuse associated with trafficking?

Because of the fact that many of tomorrow’s decision-makers are in your organization, we believe that it would be appropriate to broaden our concept and also offer you a visit.

If you think this sounds interesting, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have attached materials about our concept that we offer (unfortunately it is suitable for secondary school, but I hope you can overlook that).”

To date we have not received any response or feedback to our inquiry – but we hope that the youth organizations are considering our offer. Because when countries legalize the purchasing of sex, it raises demand and with it the number of individuals who are forced into sex slavery to satisfy demand.