Students take charge of sex education

Every week, RealStars visits an average of two schools in order to inform about trafficking, sex trade and their contrast: Fair Sex. This subject has always generated strong feelings and reactions, but of late a new perspective has surfaced: the disappointment over how little subjects such as these are addressed at school. While some subjects are diligently discussed during school years (such as the risks with tobacco and alcohol) there is still an important subject about which the students are more or less left to themselves to find knowledge elsewhere. That is, sex and relationship.

Many students have expressed their frustration over how little sex is discussed in class, both positive and possible negative aspects. Instead of dedicating ONE lesson in upper secondary school to anatomy and contraception, sex and relationship as a subject should be allowed to take up more time at school. Education should also contain the emotional and moral aspects of sex. The students we have met let us know how much they miss teacher led discussions around norms, sex and relationships and that this should be raised in teaching long before upper secondary school.

This is why it is so uplifting to read about the students at Södra Latin who stepped up and took control of the sex education. Read the article in Södermalmsnytt here.