Students gain more insight in how trafficking works at Södra Klara Gymnasium

Last Thursday RealStars were invited by Oskar, Ramzi and Linnea to hold a lecture at Södra Klara Gymnasium. They had been inspired by RealStars when we visited their school last autumn and wanted to gain more insight in how they can take a stand in the fight against trafficking. They have now started a project dealing with Fair Sex and trafficking. Oskar, Linnea and Ramzi are real stars, and RealStars is looking forward to seeing the result!

The group had prepared the questions for the lecture themselves. They asked question such as ‘How does Sweden’s Sex Purchase Act work?’ and ‘What can we as students do to take a stand?’.

Regarding the second question: your fantasy is the limit! Students, you are incredibly creative and that is why we encourage you to use your abilities/passions in the fight against trafficking. Check out this link to be inspired by how other students have taken a stand!