There are REALSTARS in every classroom

This week, RealStars visited Nacka gymnasium and the International English Gymnasium in Södermalm. At Nacka gymnasium, a lecture was given for a class that studies Hotel and Tourism. The following discussions were therefore focused on RealStars work within the hotel sector; how hotels can work together and how the travelling industry can play an active role in working against sex tourism. Out of all sex purchases made by Swedish people, approximately 80 percent are made during trips abroad. The students at Nacka gymnasium will in their future occupational roles be able to take a firm stand against the purchasing of sex. They will also be able to actively promote responsible travelling. The class of Hotel and Tourism are currently in the process of writing texts on this theme, texts that will be published within the frame of the project “Creativity for Fair Sex”. Keep an eye open!

RealStars also visited the International English Gymnasium in Södermalm, a visit made possible thanks to the initiative of one of the schools students. RealStars are very happy that students can affect other students or teachers, and in that way make them engage in such an important topic. If you want RealStars to visit your school to give a lecture on sex trafficking and Fair Sex, please contact process coordinator Emily Norling on!

RealStars will return to the International English Gymnasium later this fall to give a lecture for half of all the schools’ students. We are very excited about this!