“There are probably a lot of people who have had it pretty rough growing up”

The school visits in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland are up and running! So far we have been able to visit Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium, Dalslands Folkhögskola and the school that this post is going to be about, Alströmergymnasiet. The discussions around Fair Sex and its opposites are intense and it is clear that these matters are very engaging!

During the fall we will visit Alströmergymnasiet many times and meet several groups of students. We are very happy about all of the engaged teachers that think that cooperating with RealStars is important.

It is very clear that the engagement of the teachers is rubbing off on the students. All student groups show an interest in the situation in both Sweden and the rest of the world.

Many show a large understanding of the vulnerability of others and how easy it can be to be forced into sex trafficking and prostitution. Several students were discussing why people are involved in prostitution. They brought up all of the scientifically proven factors that are an important part of understanding this industry and how to work towards reducing trafficking.

“There are probably a lot of people who have had it pretty rough growing up, who might have been exposed to abuse and violence and then kind of feel like they are not worth anything and perhaps start selling sex or is forced by someone else.”

This is a reality for thousands of people living in prostitution today.

The students of Alströmergymnasiet are always interested in how RealStars are working with demand and also ask what other organizations around the world are doing. There is a lot of engagement that we are very happy to be able to be a part of and contribute to. We are very much looking forward to the remaining visits at the school during 2015!