The Swedish model

When it comes to adopting a Sex Trade Law, Sweden is ahead. When the Swedish law was coined in 1999, it was the first in Europe to criminalize the sex buyer. The Swedish model is considered an example in many countries. Recently, the Danish government rejected such a law, but other countries are interested in adopting a law based on the Swedish model.

Women’s organisation’s conference was held at Radisson in Stockholm on September 28. Some of the attendees were the European Women’s Lobby, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Members of the European Parliament and Members of the Norwegian Parliament. The Swedish model had an important place on the agenda.

On the Anti-Trafficking Day, October 18th, RealStars’ founder Malin Roux together with Anna Hedh (S) and Cecilia Wikström (FP) published an article in Svenska Dagbladet. The article highlights Sweden as an example for other countries and also favors the notion that Sweden should be a leader.

The Swedish model is always a current issue for us, but now it’s also current in so many other contexts, which of course is wonderful!

Erla Andersson for RealStars