Those who make difference

There are people who change society for the better. One of those people is Elsie Lindqvist, an inspiration to us all.
SVT’s fantastic documentary “Ängeln på Malmskillnadsgatan” features this amazing woman who really makes a difference. Elsie Lindqvist helps prostitutes at night. She shows how important is is just being there, as a fellow human.
This documentary makes me wonder: How should I change society? Perhaps you agree.
We are busy working, studying at universities, having active social lives. How can we make time to work at Malmskillnadsgatan on a Friday night?
Dedicated people like Elsie Lindqvist are needed out there, but others can help in different ways. In our own ways. Maybe an hour a month. An hour which means a lot to an individual, or a group of people. For me, it’s about writing.
What are you good at?

Ängeln på Malmskillnadsgatan can be seen on SVT Play until March.

/Elizabeth Granqvist for RealStars