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”A non-profit organization that really wants to make a difference”

Realstars want to promote various partners who have chosen to support Realstars. Anna Sigvardsson is a photographer working in Gothenburg who shows her corporate responsibility by supporting Realstars. She explains why: ”I think the most important thing about RealStars is that they really try to make a difference in society, both by making people aware… Read more »

Corporate Social Responsibility – involvement in trafficking issues November 21st

Welcome to an important seminar where trafficking is on the corporate agenda! Trafficking is now the second largest area of organised crime and it affects millions of people yearly. 76% of all human trafficking is for sexual purposes. The issue is a highly current event for corporates as globalization where different fields meets challenges as… Read more »

Real Laplaine, author of ”See me not” will soon release his new book ”Quantum Assault”

 We recently interviewed Réal Laplaine, author of SEE ME NOT – a literary fiction about human trafficking.  With his new book, Quantum Assault soon releasing, we asked him a few questions of interest. 1. What makes you happy? Coffee – no seriously, I love coffee. But in truth I feel happy when I know that I am doing something that is… Read more »