Caroline af Ugglas’ choir: ”it all sounds pretty good at the end of the term”

Realstars want to thank Caroline af Ugglas’ choir who have chosen to support Realstars’ work against trafficking. ”Kör för alla” (“Choir for All”) sing together in Stockholm once a week. The choir consists of about 1200 singers and is therefore the largest in Sweden. The choir is led by Caroline af Ugglas and her husband Heinz Liljedahl.

Ingela Wallin, one of  the choir singers – talks about how it works.

– It’s a wonderful choir with a mix of talented singers and happy amateurs. Accompanying the choir is Andreas, an amazing drummer who plays when we practice. Mostly, we sing pop and rock but even some punk occasionally. The most important thing isn’t how good it sounds, it’s being brave enough to sing. With good song practice and with Caroline and Heinz’s help it all sounds pretty good at the end of the term. During that time we usually have some concerts and collect money for charity. You could say that we combine business with pleasure.

We recently gave three performances at Cirkus, where we sang with Caroline, Pugh Rogefeldt and Petra Marklund, former ”September”. The concerts collected nearly 700 000 SEK and the money was immediately sent to Stadsmissionens verksamhet för barn och ungdomar i behov av stöd och hjälp (“The City Mission Agency for Children and Young People in Need”, literal translation). It feels nice to contribute to something this good.

Sometimes we do a service to a humanitarian organization. This year we chose to support RealStars, an organization that we believe fights for a good cause, to get rid of sex trafficking. Caroline af Ugglas has also decided to support RealStars which made it even nicer.  The choir has purchased one of the 200 paintings Caroline supplied RealStars with. The money for the painting is used to fight sex trafficking in Europe. The painting was raffled among my choir-buddies while we attended to our choir masters. It was much appreciated, by the choir and by Caroline.

Check this link to buy Caroline af Ugglas’ signed painting.