The 2013 Anti-trafficking day

It’s time to make a note for this year’s Anti Trafficking Day, 18th October – a day Europeans stand together in the fight against trafficking. RealStars starts early, just the day before, 17th October, at Teaterstudio Lederman in Stockholm. The sex buyer is the theme this year.

It’s 2013 and men still pay for sex. It is believed that most sex purchases are made by everyday men. But who is he really? Why does he do it? And maybe the most important question of all: how can we pinpoint the behavior that leads to millions of people being forced into sexual slavery?

The reason sex trafficking exists is because of the demand – the john. And yet, almost all depictions of trafficking revolve around the victims. In order to get ahold of this problem, we must dare to see the bigger picture. This is why this year’s Anti Trafficking Day is about the buyer.

Moderator is Alexandra Pascalidou.
Participating are, among others: the Stockholm county administrative board, the Salvation Army, Sveriges kvinnolobby (Swedish Women’s Lobby), Moderaterna (the Moderate party) and feministiskt initiativ, as well as Niclas Järvklo, clerk of the government’s investigation regarding Men and equality, Jenny Westerstrand, researcher, Malin Roux, founder of Realstars – with a written contribution by Henning Mankell and performance by Potato Potato.

Welcome to a demonstration of strength against slavery which at all costs must be eradicated. Here’s the event on Facebook.