March 8 – Starting early with a new campaign

The International Women’s Day, a day to take note of and to acknowledge strong women is usually how we explain it. Like we say at RealStars: We are all stars and can all do something for others and fight for freedom and human rights.

Realstars is at Världskulturmuseet and celebrates tonight at 7. We are a part of the program later in the evening.  Don’t miss it! Check out the program.

The International Women’s Day is notable in many different ways. Like so many other mornings, today I listen to Tankar för dagen. This morning Carl Otto Werkelid who is cultural advisor at Sweden’s embassy in London speaks his mind about civil courage. Something as simple as doing something for another human being just like you’d need in a specific situation. When I think of violence against women and children I also consider other people in the streets, at squares or schools who notices and should act. It’s easy to talk about this but perhaps harder in practice yet crucial for the many who are victimized. I hope for more civil courage! Listen to the thoughtful message here.

Today we also start earlier with a campaign for creating awareness of trafficking in some of our dearest vacation spots in Europe. Swedes love to travel. Places like Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Greece and others are just some of our favorite locations we choose for our vacations.

With the campaign Travel for Fair Sex we want to show a reality many people don’t know about. These locations are in countries with the worst statistics when it comes to trafficking, prostitution and trade with children, and more. We want to create awareness and contribute so we can keep on proudly traveling.

Everyone will be able to join to affect and change this image as Travel for Fair Sex Ambassadors. Stina Månsson who recently started working with us was the creator of the campaign. The campaign Travel for Fair Sex

Malin for RealStars