Can innovation help Gothenburg’s hospitality and tourism industry take responsibility for fighting the problem of trafficking? The answer is yes.

Hospitality and tourism industry against trafficking

Hotels Against Trafficking

Hotels against trafficking

Together we can stop sex trafficking in hotels.

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Marknadscheferna is Sweden's largest network for Marketing Executives. We wanted to make a major contribution to CSR this year by creating a clear and commercial project for other companies to follow. It is after all shameful that our civilised society still allows slavery.

- PeO Axelsson, founder Marknadscheferna

Businesses get involved in trafficking issues

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Roundtable Brings Together Stockholm’s Tourism

On 11th May, RealStars conducted a roundtable on the theme Innovation against Trafficking in Stockholm. Around forty representatives from Stockholm tourism industry participated in the roundtable. The guest speakers were from the County Board, Police in Falun, RealStars, Swedish Destination Development, and Scandic.

The pilot project was conducted in western Sweden in spring. The roundtable in Stockholm attempted to develop some of the ideas, tools and interaction models that were initiated in Gothenburg.

The roundtables in Gothenburg and Stockholm demonstrate an urgent need to work in this sector. It also highlights the importance of police resources to work with the issue of prostitution and human trafficking.

The seminar highlighted several interesting issues including:

“It is important to have a policy against trafficking and prostitution which involves guests. The guests might be aware of the ongoing issues in the hotel more than the staff.”

“The perspective of guests is important. Many of us strive to have a sustainable environment and educate guests to take responsibility for their neighborhood- but responsibility is not only about environment, it is also about being socially responsible.” 

“It is important to cooperate with other companies and some cooperation can also take place in hotels. Those who work in the bar can cooperate with the reception and have an eye on for instance room 342.” 

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The Third Roundtable in Western Sweden

On 29th April, we held the final roundtable of Vinnova project for a trafficking free tourism. 

We were privileged to have Kajsa Wahlberg, Reporter on human trafficking at National Police, to share her work and experiences with us. Olso Mats Paulsson, Inspector Police of human trafficking in Gothenburg, also shared data and suggestions regarding the suspected crimes during the roundtable.

The participants emphasized that fighting human trafficking is not only the police’s responsibility but is everyone’s duty. In continuation, we discussed regional and transnational ways to combat prostitution and human trafficking. Most of the discussed suggestions focused on launching awareness campaigns. Throughout the discussion, the importance of clarifying the Swedish sex purchase law to everyone, especially to tourists, was mentioned.

Below are some of the quotes from the roundtable discussion:

“It should be designed as simple as possible: First, everyone should be informed that the problem exists and effects everyone. Second, we need knowledge regarding how to act and what steps to take. At last, we need to evaluate what can be improved for the next event.”

“All of us who are involved in this innovative process want to conduct an event and take action. It is important to have coordination among the regional activities.”

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The Second Roundtable Opens New Opportunities

On 16th March 2015, Realstars held our second roundtable at the Gothia Hotel in Gothenburg. Around 25 organizations from the western Swedish tourism industry gathered to further develop the ideas discussed during the first roundtable. The speakers who shared their experiences with us during the roundtable were Thomas Ahlstrand, Deputy Chief Prosecutor at International Public Prosecution Office; Mats Paulsson, Inspector Police at Trafficking Group in Gothenburg; and Malin Johannson Roux, Founder and Operation Manager at RealStars.

Examples of ideas discussed for regional cooperation include: a joint effort to increase competence and skills in tourism industry in western Sweden, the Fair Sex City label, communication campaigns along with launching major events in Gothenburg, advice center, assistance to organizations regarding the check-lists and policy work, etc.

The next meeting will be held at the Clarion Hotel Post in April 29, in which we will take important steps forward.

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Press coverage on Fair Sex Hotel

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Fria tidningar, 25 June 2014

Första Fair Sex-märkta hotellet
Metro, 17 June 2014

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Besöksliv, 13 June 2014

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Tele2 has difficulty influencing the customer

The Code of Conduct of Swedish Tele2 is based on the principles of UNs Global Compact. The company thinks that they are more likely to affect employees, partners and suppliers to follow the same prinicples. The possibilities to influence customers is limited due to privacy restrictions when it comes to private communication. Tele2 do collaborate with the police and Interpol by blocking traffic to webpages contaning child pornography.

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Three ways to support our CSR-project

Buy a painting for 3900 SEK

Caroline af Ugglas has created a limited edition of this painting. The goal is to sell these 200 paintings to benefit the work against trafficking. The painting is signed by hand on a canvas-print and placed in a 3D frame. The size is about 60x60 cm. Order the painting

Become a company friend for 6 666 SEK

You contribute and take a stand in your own business by standing behind a policy and supporting RealStars. You are presented as company-friends in RealStars' circles. One of Caroline af Ugglas' paintings is included. Become company friend

More than friends?

You can increase your effort by strengthening the collaboration. Together, we can develop specific ways to collaborate. Custom-made campaign communication, educational packages and profile products are a few examples. More about RealStars