Businesses get involved in trafficking issues

Three ways to support our CSR-project

Buy a painting for 3900 SEK

Caroline af Ugglas has created a limited edition of this painting. The goal is to sell these 200 paintings to benefit the work against trafficking. The painting is signed by hand on a canvas-print and placed in a 3D frame. The size is about 60x60 cm. Order the painting

Become a company friend for 6 666 SEK

You contribute and take a stand in your own business by standing behind a policy and supporting RealStars. You are presented as company-friends in RealStars' circles. One of Caroline af Ugglas' paintings is included. Become company friend

More than friends?

You can increase your effort by strengthening the collaboration. Together, we can develop specific ways to collaborate. Custom-made campaign communication, educational packages and profile products are a few examples. More about RealStars