Trafficking is when people are recruited and transported to a place where they are exploited as laborers or prostitutes. This is done by using threats, violence and other types of coercion and also by fraud or taking advantage of a person in a vulnerable situation. Trafficking is a global criminal activity found in all parts of the world with all countries as its destination, be it the country they are sent to or the country of their origin.

Human trafficking for sexual purposes

Europe is the continent with the world’s highest amount of sex slaves per inhabitant. Sexual slavery has been globalized and continues to expand. It takes up 76% of human trafficking and happens 24/7. The causes are poverty, great profitability and few convictions. The lack of preventive measures in reducing demand is also an important factor. In the 1990’s, Sweden made major progress with the introduction of the Sex Trade Law. It has proven to be an effective measure in reducing demand. For as long as there is a demand for sexual services, there will always be a market. The connection between legal, normalized prostitution in several European countries and slave trade is clear. Almost all prostitution is forced, often because of poor life conditions possibly stemming from ordeals during childhood.

Human trafficking used in forced labor

Some of the branches where forced labor occurs are berry picking, hotel jobs, restaurants jobs, gardening, building and road construction. Other areas where forced labor is employed are agriculture and fishing, manufacturing industries and packaging as well as in construction work.

People are also exploited for other purposes like begging and organ trade.