Our video response to Misstravel.com

MissTravel.com video:

Our Video Response:

RealStars run campaigns for Fair Sex, and has been doing so since our start in 2010. Our vision is for all sex to be on equal terms and that all forms of sexual abuse to be abolished. Sex trafficking is the polar opposite of these goals, and between it and Fair Sex is a vast grey area of exploitation in all its forms. All based on one person valuing their needs above the freedoms and human value of another.

Because of this we want to shine a light on ocurances and services that beautify and legitimize dubious practices. You may have seen the Miss Travel video that has been making the rounds online lately. This is a dating site that pares up young attractive women with wealthy men who want a traveling companion and are prepared to pay for all expenses. This is of course not in line with Fair Sex and is certainly a step in the wrong direction. In light of this we made the video response you saw above.

What signals does this send to young girls and wealthy men? Even though paying for companionship isn’t illegal or necessarily immoral it is without a doubt both archaic and neck deep in the murky waters of not entirely kosher behavior. It blurs the line between what is ok to do and what isn’t. We also run the risk of normalizing attitudes and trends that in no way empower girls, quite the opposite.

The core issue that lies at the heart of trafficking, to buy another human being for money, exists here as well, albeit in a different form.

Miss Travel is a perfect example of the kind of societal trends that we want to expose. It is the kind of thing that we feel needs to be examined and debated. Please feel free to spread our video far and wide, it links up to our campaing site: For Fair Sex – Against Trafficking.

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