The visitor industry involves different social challenges in our society. Human trafficking and sex trade is one such challenges which affects both business and the visitor industry, particularly.

Sweden set an example in the work against trafficking by introducing the sex-purchase law in 1999. Different authorities need to cooperate in order to observe the impact of this legislation. While the law is a notable step in stopping trafficking, lack of knowledge and tools to deal with this social challenge remain prominent. Trafficking affects different industries differently. Among all, the visitor industry has a particularly important role to play to promote a trafficking free society.

“It has been surprisingly quiet about sex trafficking in the Swedish visiting industry”. Comment from several hotels that joined Hotels Against Trafficking.

Vinnova supports RealStars’ initiative to promote innovation within the visiting industry

Can an innovation process in Sweden take steps against trafficking? The reply is yes. We started a pilot study during 2015. The project was supported by Vinnova and the anti-trafficking organization RealStars is a partner and the initiator. The project involves a variety of different community actors in an interactive process using normative criticism to find creative ideas to strengthen the visitor industry.

West Sweden was the focus point for the pilot study but the stakeholder dialogue will also include national agents that will create the foundation for a bigger project. The target is that Sweden’s visiting industry will use innovation to take social responsibility and expose and shape the efforts to promote a trafficking free vising industry.

The sections on the project: workshops and round table discussion, stake holder dialogue and guest/client interviews. Target group: The visitor industry and other key actors.

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