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Anti-Trafficking Day, book on the October 15th

For the fourth consecutive year RealStars is organizing an assembly before the EU’s Anti-Trafficking Day. Sign up today and we will meet on the 15th of October in Bio Bio in Stockholm! The program includes panel discussions, music, vernissage, opportunity to mingle and more. KAJSA WAHLBERG. Rapporteur on Human Trafficking, the National Police. HENNING MANKELL…. Read more »

The Ship Brothel in Almedalen is a Realstars campaign

Rumors about the German ship brothel ”Lust Yacht” have circulated during the Almedalen week. The fictitious concerns that a ship brothel has anchored off Visby’s harbor was a campaign made by Realstars to create awareness of how widespread the European sex industry really is. The campaign builds on Järfälla Tjejjour’s ”Almedalsbordellen” 2010 and is a… Read more »

German Ship Brothel in Almedalen

During this week, RealStars is on location at Almedalen, protesting the German ship brothel Lust Yacht in order to encourage more people to take action for an enforced legislation against sex trade. Lust Yacht is a German ship brothel advertising that the best party in Almedalen is found beyond Swedish borders. All over Almedalen we’ve… Read more »

Realstars at Almedalen

This year’s Almedalsvecka (Almedalen Week) has begun. Realstars are on location with various activities this year. There is among other things a seminar you can read about below. Hope to see you there. Issues like trafficking need to be a higher priority on the agenda and society needs to step away from words and act… Read more »

Realstars at the Nordiskt Forum in Malmö

Last weekend 20,000 people attended the Nordiskt Forum in Malmö, which offered a variety of activities and perspectives on gender and feminism. We were five people from Realstars who during 4 days occupied the booth for 28 hours and passed on our message about Fair Sex trafficking. We were hosting a seminar on Sunday with… Read more »

Panel who defend sex trade – discussion during West Pride

West Pride has spread color in Gothenburg during the past week. One point on the agenda got us on Realstars to react. It seems that when our Swedish sex-purchase law gets greater support, the pro-prostitution enthusiasts also increase their support, not surprisingly with a biased approach. An example is when RFSL had invited to a… Read more »

Blog Seminar with Presskontakterna

Two weeks ago RealStars collaborated with Presskontakterna in creating a blog seminar where we talked about trafficking and the project Fair Fucking Sex. Talking about human trafficking and sexual assault often results in heated discussions as we have all some form of connection or personal experience revolving the subject. At the same time, everyone is… Read more »