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Fashion for Fair Sex in the photo studio

When RealStars asked if I wanted to be the model with the leggings which during 2011 were a part of the organization’s campaign. I didn’t hesitate for a second even though I am camera shy. Having the opportunity to be a part of the marketing of Johanna Brag’s gorgeous 2012 design in the fight for… Read more »

The country in Europe which sticks out

Just like several other European countries, prostitution is legal in Switzerland. It’s even legal to advertise it. It can happen openly in the street and there are brothels, similar to other European countries. But there is one big difference between Switzerland and most other European countries with legalized prostitution. It’s actually legal to sell sex… Read more »

Response from EU and the next campaign!!

What’s next? 
RealStars are now thinking about HOW we can get even more publicity in the next fair sex campaign! The mission is important – the fair sex issue must be handled until it is fixed (just like Ellinor Person wrote as her response to Three questions). We have started planning the next campaign and… Read more »

EU Directive on Trafficking

The new Directive from April 5 2011, will place the victim of human trafficking at the center of attention. The member states have to implement the directive to the national legislations until April 6 2013. The law will help victims and introduce both safety-precautions and criminal provisions. Sadly the directive is not strong enought when… Read more »

”Lumping together” won’t stop sex crime

We have heard it before. How a woman can suffer the most disgusting and horrifying thing. And how the men who commit the acts get off scot-free. The woman is the one who is punished – with the shame. Rape is used as a tool during wars. A bullet wound to the leg or shoulder… Read more »

The hope of better conditions defaulted

Ernst Adamson Borg is 18 years old, and is a senior at East high school. He majors in journalism and writes about trafficking in Germany, a country where trafficking is a significant problem. Ernst´s main interest is writing and debate. Trafficking is such a large problem that I spend a lot of time thinking about… Read more »

Voices of artists for Fair Sex

We are happy about the contribution of artist for fair sex. Kasra Alikhani and The New Beauty Council have created an exhibation for fair sex. These pieces were shown at the Röhsska museum, in Gothenberg, on the day for anti-trafficking and during the MR-days at Stockholm´s House of Culture. Now we are happy to present… Read more »

Three questions for Tove Lifvendahl

Three new questions for Tove Lifvendahl who is a social debater, writer and a member of SVT’s news-board. She is currently on parental leave from her duties as chief of communications at The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. 1. What makes you happy? Many thing and I allow myself happiness for different things; my husband and… Read more »

HR-days in 2011- Realstars on location

So many interesting lectures and seminars about human rights. We are so happy we got a spot at the last minute of the HR-days in 2011. We pulled out a roller up and some material, showed art & design for Fair Sex. Meetings, exciting conversations and several people who like our cause. Look at the… Read more »