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A new proposition: Remove the two-year rule which encourages importing of wife and violence

The Local recently reported about a proposition which could reduce violence to women who come to Sweden with a Swedish partner. The proposition would mean that the two-year rule when applying for citizenship will be abolished since the rule is thought to make it harder for women in violent relationships to leave, this according to… Read more »

Art for Fair Sex at Lagerhuset Sep 6

We had an amazing evening together with almost 120 visitors at Lagerhuset. RealStars’ artistic project manager Amanda Frövenholt was in charge of the event together with our founder Malin Roux who spoke to an enthusiastic audience about RealStars’ work against trafficking and prostitution. Eva Magnusson from The City Executive Office and Gregory McDermott , director… Read more »

Thomas Hammarberg – about Trafficking in Europe

For most of his life, Thomas Hammarberg has worked with increasing the protection of human rights through various international assignments, such as the Council of Europe’s Commission for Human Rights. Thomas was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 on behalf of Amnesty International. What are you focused on today? – The constant struggle for… Read more »

Interview with Finn Norgren, former secretary-general of Musikhjälpen

Musikhjälpen (Music Aid) is one of the most famous non-profit initiatives in Sweden. During a week in 2011, they collected a whooping 18 million SEK for various non-profit organizations. Last year’s theme ”All girls have the right to go to school” captivated the Swedish people. A number of help organizations all over Europe received a… Read more »

Three questions for Emma S

Three new questions are asked to the supermodel Emma Wiklund. Emma is a woman of many talents. We have seen her as a broadcaster, actress – and now she has success as self-employed for the skin-care brand Emma S. 1. What makes you happy? – My family, exercise, good food, travel and my friends. 2…. Read more »

Going for gold in the fight against trafficking

There is a lot of attention aimed at London this summer, the world city for the Olympics and Paralympics. Two organizations, Stop the Traffik and UN.GIFT, have taken this opportunity together to use the games as a platform for the launch of their latest project: GIFT box. A project which aims to inspire people into… Read more »

Next event September 6th – Art for Fair Sex

During spring we worked with some artists. We are now happy to soon have a unique exhibition at an event in Lagerhuset. The artists contribute with one work each problematizing under the motto of Fair Sex. Matilda Frykberg Ann-Pia Azizuddin Mette Johansen Martina Jakobsson Minka Jakerson Indiekören (The Indie Choir) will make an appearance during… Read more »