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An important contribution to the prostitution debate

The year is 2010. There is a fiery debate in Sweden about the being or not being of prostitution. In the middle of the chaotic discussions, Kajsa Ekis Ekman publishes her debut book “Varat och varan: Prostitution, surrogatmödraskap och den delade människan”. “Varat och varan” is important in many aspects. It’s a debate book which… Read more »

Hamburg – city of sin

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. With its almost two million people, the city is the center of media, finance and gastronomy in Germany. Most of the big newspapers are based here, such as Die Spiegel, Die Zeit and Die Welt. But this is only one side of Hamburg, the light side. Hamburg’s… Read more »

Family freed of charges in Swedish trafficking case

A couple charged with trafficking in persons in Gothenburg, Sweden, was recently freed of all charges. The husband of the family had travelled to Serbia, visiting acquaintances, and brought with him back to Sweden a 14-year-old girl from a poor family, to marry his adult son. The girl supposedly agreed to this and her father… Read more »

The soul is not for sale…

Traffickers sell flesh for money, they deal in pain, their product is slavery, their greed betrays them. They try but can never hide, we see them in dark corners, we know them by their deeds, they do not shine but flicker only in the consuming darkness Their blood soaked fingers smear their lips with crimson,… Read more »

Three questions for Kitty Jutbring

Kitty is another fascinating person who answers RealStars’ three questions. Kitty Jutbring has several projects in music, media and entertainment. She can be heard on the radio at P3-Star on P3. 1.       What makes you happy? When you start with something precious you can get absorbed and important enough to lose oneself for a while…. Read more »

Three questions for Caroline af Ugglas

Three new answers for three new questions. This time an impulsive and energetic artist with a sincere voice. These are the answers from Caroline af Ugglas, who moved many watching “Melodifestivalen” with ”Snälla, snälla”. 1.       What makes you happy? The sun, music, art, nature, family, friends, animals and chocolate. 2.       How would you make the… Read more »

A firmer stance on sex trade in France?

In December 2011 a debate about prostitution was re-energized in France when the National Assembly expressed an aspiration to criminalize sex buying. Prostitution is currently admissible in France but to “actively offer sexual services” as well as all types of pimping is illegal. The vague law leads to protests from all sides. “Mouvement du Nid”,… Read more »

The Swedish Institute – a visitors program for distribution of the Swedish example

The Swedish Institute (SI) has several assignments to promote Sweden internationally. Culture, society, education, economy, democracy and global development comes to mind. The Swedish Institute’s work against human trading and prostitution is very important to us. We have posed some questions to the project leader of the mission, Ulrika Rosvall Levin. 1. Can you briefly… Read more »