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Three questions for Sebastian Wijk

Sebastian Wijk is a fantastic singer-song writer who will perform at RealStars’ club-event at Win Win in Gothenburg next Thursday May 24. Read more about Sebastian and listen to his music here. What makes you happy? When there are no grey clouds in my heart. That’s when I’m happy. What would you do to make… Read more »

A spring full of activities and events

Spring is here and Gothenburg will have plenty of activities and events. RealStars will of course be where it all happens! On Tuesday, May 8th it’s time for Vårruset (the Spring run) in Slottsskogen. We will be there dressed in our new RealStars t-shirts to collect signatures for the For Fair Sex – campaign. We… Read more »

Raglady for RealStars

“A Raglady is a woman who hysterically runs into the closet and puts on whatever she finds there and runs out again…” /Caisa, proprietor of Raglady by Tara Raglady by Tara – a store based in Gothenburg, sells designed and fantastic brand-name clothes – now stands behind the Fair Sex-campaign to stop the sex trafficking… Read more »

Fashion that cares

Ethics and fashion seems to be constantly topical and a part of CSR. No to Child labor, yes to good work conditions, clothes without dangerous chemicals and wages you can live off – Sustainable fashion is hopefully something everyone wants! Now and then the media shows us how it really looks. The companies reply is… Read more »

We are all humans

Reading Sunday DN* is an almost religious experience for me. A cup of tea, my favourite bread and a newspaper hot off the presses filled with articles. A little bubble of cosiness envelops me and takes me through what is otherwise the most boring day of the week. But it so happened that this Sunday… Read more »

Fair sex vs. Real love

Fair Sex is a concept that is incredibly important to me. It is also important to me that it should appear that fair sex is different for everyone and that as long as you, yourself, are comfortable with your own definition nobody else could say that it is wrong. Now that I’m studying abroad, I… Read more »

The Body Shop against human trafficking of children and young people

In June 2010, The Body Shop started their biggest campaign so far. In cooperation with ECPAT, the campaign “Stop sex trafficking of children and young people” was started as a petition, and means of making the government realise the seriousness of sex trafficking of children and young people. They demand that the government: 1. Take… Read more »