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Your right to fashion and style

Fashion changes every season and we are updated with the latest trends. But to have style you don’t have to follow trends. Style is something individual, a way for you to show the world who you are. Your style probably says more about you than you might think. Someone’s style is very individual and that… Read more »

RealStars in Amsterdam

As a part of RealStars’ mission to reach people in different European countries. After Brussels, we visited a hotspot for prostitution: Amsterdam, where we met large anti-trafficking organizations like Fairwork, HVO Querido and Stop the Traffik. During the meetings, it became clear quite early that the Dutch legislation is almost the exact opposite of the… Read more »

Human traffickers use traditional religion to silence their victims

An article in New Africa Press called: “A Bewitching Economy: Witchcraft and Human Trafficking” sheds some light on human trafficking and how some human traders and smugglers threaten their victims to stay quiet. The article, focusing on trafficking in Africa, states that it’s not uncommon for traffickers to exploit the belief in spirits and beings,… Read more »

The Swedish model

When it comes to adopting a Sex Trade Law, Sweden is ahead. When the Swedish law was coined in 1999, it was the first in Europe to criminalize the sex buyer. The Swedish model is considered an example in many countries. Recently, the Danish government rejected such a law, but other countries are interested in… Read more »

Silent witnesses have a responsibility

Last Sunday was the UN national day for UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. With the subject already on the agenda, we take the opportunity to submit this post that writer Bengt Alvång made on Göteborgs-Posten’s letters to the editor three years ago. For every abused child, there is an adult… Read more »

Brussels – is this where we should be?

RealStars in Brussels! Yep, it is time to take a step out into Europe and spread the message of Fair Sex through meetings with politicians, lobbyists and other organizations (non-profit). Me and Vanessa Corneliusson were at location. We started with meeting the Swedish Members of the European Parliament and afterwards, we visited the EU Commission,… Read more »

– Media is a vast source for information and concepts about sex and sexuality

Saga Alm Mårtensson has studied for the Master’s Degree in sexology at Malmö Högskola and a basic psychotherapy course in cognitive behavioral therapy at Karlstads Universitet. Right now she works as a curator at a health center. We asked her about media’s role in discussions about sexuality and the messages media transmits regarding sexuality. How… Read more »

Call girl

In February, we wrote about the movie Call girl which then was under production. Now it has finally been released to theaters in the country. The weekend is closing in and November is in fact one of the best movie months of the year. Hot tip, see it! Here is the movie trailer: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Take… Read more »

An important contribution to the prostitution debate

The year is 2010. There is a fiery debate in Sweden about the being or not being of prostitution. In the middle of the chaotic discussions, Kajsa Ekis Ekman publishes her debut book “Varat och varan: Prostitution, surrogatmödraskap och den delade människan”. “Varat och varan” is important in many aspects. It’s a debate book which… Read more »