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Three questions – The Naima Train

Three questions of a new kind. We ask Maria Nyström, 19 years old. She is known on stage as The Naima Train. Maria creates several layers of music by using a loopstation. It’s original and sounds fantastic. Read more here. 1. What makes you happy? Sound, music and beautiful places. I enjoy large groups of… Read more »

The most popular boy in school

Today, Tina Bergqvist from Helsingborg, will continue dealing with the topic of fair sex – or rather focus on occasions when it’s lacking. Tina has a journalism background and has decided to move back to her hometown, Helsingborg, to study International relations. I remember when I was in sixth grade. The most popular guy in… Read more »

We spoke out at the Year of the volunteer-exhibition

– At the end of the day, the amount of stars should be more than a thousand. That’s what I thought when I started as an exhibitor at RealStars’ Volunteer-year exhibition. ”1000 ways to change the world” Friday 12/8. I reached my goal! Over a thousand people have now signed “Join Fair Sex”. A thousand… Read more »

From Way out West with love

Way out West a true highlight to all music lovers, has just ended. Prince was amazing! Last year I was looking after and  leggings and photographed all the cool ones. This year besides fashion I also have Fair Sex in mind.  You can read in various magazines about the festival fashion. Way out West is a city festival,… Read more »

Nothing’s made up – this is reality

Rasmus Andersson talks about something which changed his view on trafficking. He’s studying social science. Yesterday I saw one of the ubiquitous crime shows on TV. I was tired but not tired enough to fall asleep. So I was half-asleep and listened a bit to the show. After a while I was wide-awake. It was… Read more »

Nobody touches me without my consent

Elizabeth Granqvist wants to show what’s beautiful, positive or just commonplace. But also take a stand against everything unjust. Welcome! It’s the middle of the 2000s. A stuffy NO-classroom is filled with a large group of pubescent, tired youths in the eighth class. A bumbling teacher who isn’t really comfortable with the work assignments speaks… Read more »

Fashion with a message

Realstars believe every human has equal value. Freedom, self-worth and integrity. With freedom comes dreams, ambitions to make your dreams come true. Believe in yourself and spread your wings. 
 It feels like our lives today are already predetermined by rules we “must” adhere to. Adhere because you will gain respect and acceptance from the… Read more »

Trafficking – an increasing danger

Carl Magnus Magnusson, a social science student in Malmö, makes a new comment regarding trafficking. I am very interested in history, mostly because it is through history that we can see our mistakes and improve as human beings. Our decicions today are shaped according to how we acted in the past. We have made everyday… Read more »

The Fair Sex campaign at the Museum of World Culture

Speaking of summer and holidays; most of us want to have a good time, relax and have a party☺ Speaking of summer. Sex of course has a place!… Fair Sex. At the same time, human sex trade continues. Thousands of people, mostly young become victims of sexual exploitation this summer. The awareness that this exists… Read more »