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Fair sex vs. Real love

Fair Sex is a concept that is incredibly important to me. It is also important to me that it should appear that fair sex is different for everyone and that as long as you, yourself, are comfortable with your own definition nobody else could say that it is wrong. Now that I’m studying abroad, I… Read more »

Nightmare village in Cambodia

In the outskirts of Cambodia’s capital Phnon Penh, there is a small village called Svay Pak. The village is known for one thing; young girls are openly sold in the streets to foreign men. At least until a few years ago. The CNN Freedom Project recently wrote an article about the village everyone should read…. Read more »

How much are we worth?

I have some time off this week before I go back to school in Scotland, so I try to spend a lot of time with my family. I have 6 younger siblings. I miss them constantly when I am away and now when I am about to leave I think about how much I value… Read more »

Shopping mad!

This last week I have gone autumn shopping mad! The only thing I want to do is to buy some fine autumn-clothes and prepare for the coming season of fantastic fashion! Since I am a student with very limited economy, I have to learn to buy clothes at the low-priced stores and find those rare… Read more »

Open your eyes

During the past week I have given a lot of thought to Fair Sex, particularly as to why there are so much unfair sex. The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society reports on their website that 1.7% of Swedish youths have sold sex on the Internet at least once. To read this kind of… Read more »

Me and my muffin top

Every time I’m at home in Stockholm, planning to go out to dinner or dance with my friends, I ask my two teenage sisters what to wear. They know what’s “in” and bluntly say if I look like shit. Sadly I often get comments like “you’re not gonna wear that are you…?” or “you can’t… Read more »

11 Minutes

Hello! My name is Matilda Öhlin Knutsson and I study international relations at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. This is my first post as a recurring guest-blogger at RealStars. Now I want to have my say in the discussion about Fair Sex and trafficking and help spread the incredibly important RealStars campaign. The… Read more »