Youth, Internet and Fair Sex – do you want to join our focus group?

Anti-trafficking organization RealStars has in recent years visited hundreds of schools to engage young people in our work, and strengthen the values of Fair Sex and against trafficking. We think sex should be on equal terms, without violence or force, in all situations and for all individuals. The opposite of Fair Sex is prostitution and… Read more »

Three questions for Rickard Söderberg

Opera singer Rickard Söderberg was happy to answer our three questions: 1. What do you think is important in life? The most important this in life is love. Love for yourself. Love for others. Both giving and receiving love. Because when we are surrounded by warmth and love, we become strong and are able to… Read more »

Gothenburg unified against prostitution

Från den avslutande manifestationen på Drottningtorget.

The conference day “Commodity Human” was held at Clarion Post Hotel on Friday. RealStars has had a good collaboration with the hotel for a while and we are happy that Clarion keeps on being open for bigger collaborations. A couple of different participants gathered to shine a light on the question of human trafficking and prostitution… Read more »

Amsterdam renowned for sex tourism — but more clearly prohibits sex purchase from children than Sweden

Annemarie Heeringa från CMK med Malin Roux Johansson

The legal prostitution has rendered Amsterdam a trafficking magnet. Many fall victim to crime and a new prostitution legislation is being discussed. In recent years, several people have been charged with sex purchase from underaged. However, a sex purchase act is still far away. Realstars has previously visited Holland, in our work to create interchange… Read more »

Europol raises concerns about the increasing human trafficking in Europe

In February, Europol issued a report investigating the state of human trafficking in the EU. The report shows that the trafficking of children and adults for the purpose of sexual exploitation increased between 2013 and 2014, and the situation is expected to become worse. Sexual exploitation is the most reported form of trafficking in Europe…. Read more »

European cooperation tools for a more humane and mindful reception of incoming refugees

RealStars would like to tip you off about an interesting article highlighting the importance of having the tools to work proactively and in a structured manner to prevent the exploitation of the already vulnerable groups in today’s refugee disaster. Europe is facing and will continue to face huge challenges in developing our societies so that… Read more »